Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello! classmates how r u.I wanted to write something tat interests all,but i havn't got a topic.So i thought i could open my personal diary a little bit for you.You know wat? I loved a girl from our class.Ofcourse it is one sided.I dont want to call it as love because i dont love her now.So i name it as an infactuation.
When i saw her for the first time i wanted to be her good friend.As we entered 2nd semester i dont know wat had happened to me;I was thinking the whole day about her.I wished the sundays would be short.Her face remained still before my eyes.I exactly remember the dresses she used to wear.
One day i got up suddenly during night and started writin poems about her,wen i saw the clock it was 2.30 in the mornin.I hardly slept during night but anyway i compensated it durin class.From first period till evening i used to stare at her.She had a doubt whether i am actually looking at her.So she frequently checked me but i would not shift my eyes from her.I knew she found out tat i m watchin her.Next i wanted to know her house,phone no, or atleast email id.I planned to peep into her bag.As i used to come late, everyone would have gone to the labs .So i thought tat s d right time.I came late the next day,der was no one in the class.shall i look for a number or address from her bag.Oh!my god how ll her bag look like;oops i forgot it.Plan dropped.
I got her in my dreams.How long should i be starring at her.wat is the next step.i followed her.I followed her to her home and found her address.One day she even saw me near her house.So no doubt tat she knows this.Even my benchmates dont know these things.
Oneday i heard her speaking to her friend.i just heard a word "silly people" and filled the remaining on my own.Am i silly. No.i dont want to be one either.Thereafter everything turned around.I disliked her.All her minus points seemed visible to me.At this point i realised she s not my girl.Another boy was teased by her name.but i dont care.i hav already spent my whole 2nd semester on this.i m bold enough to write this because college is over.please dont ask the name of the girl.if u hav guessses mail me at godsake dont mention it here.but i m sure the girl recognises this if she reads the blog.
thank u for reading.

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Monday, January 21, 2008


There was a nice conversation goin on in our class for the GD.The topic is "Love Marriage or Arranged marriage".A girl stood up and told that love marriage life is successful than that of arranged marriage.The reason she gave for this is that in love marriage we get to know each other whereas in the latter case it is not so.This is where i am confused people really get to know each other before telling their love.I can boldly say NO.

Lovers here actually speak with each other openly only after expressing their love.since the proposal is over ,even if u find fault with ur lover there is no goin back; atleast it is hard to do so.Then here comes the term infact a beautiful term called "ADJUSTMENT".many opt for this than breakin their love because they dont want others to know that they took a wrong decision.I dont know whether this is wat the girl in our class told as 'getting to know each other'.if that is so, i think that this can be done even in arranged marriage.atleast ur partner would not have kissed any other person before marriage.

A kind suggestion to all of u friends .if u r goin for arranged marriage dont choose a beautiful girl because she would have fallen in love already and she is here to marry you because her love failed or her boyfriend cheated her.

thank u for reading .life is not full without fights and quarrels .so u can fight here ;quarrel here but the weapon should be nothing other than comments.bye bye ..

Saturday, January 5, 2008

we need to think

do you know that
  • 38% of doctors in USA are Indians.
  • 12% scientists in USA are Indians.
  • 36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
  • 34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
  • 28% of IBM employees are Indians.
  • 17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
  • 13% of XEROX employees are Indians.
imagine all the above experts worked in india,then india would have been at the top of the world.
We could be the next great man not willing to work in india.if so,then that is india's curse.Every single indian student wants to contribute something to india;we know that working in india can really make a difference;yet we could not refuse a call letter from a foreign concern.what most educated indians do is this-get educated in india(lot of money has been invested by government
for education)-get an offer in a foreign concern-work for them-improve that country's economy-give a statement like"i am proud to be indian".

And the complaint those people keep on india is that there are no opportunities in india-our talent is not recognised-india is backward by 20 years.If these are so then its because of none other than us.We indians have become little selfish.Here most of us want to be safely settled in life.Most of us are not willing to do business since it involves risk.we should admire great indian businessmen and acheive great heights.As we grow we should also pull up the entire india with us unlike the great ambanis.

When i was travelling in a train,i came across 5 beggars in 20 minutes.And we are proud that worlds richest man is an indian. thank u for reading.will continue...